Triathlon camp Sierra Nevada


The Centro de Alto Rendimiento (C.A.R.) is a hotel and sports facilities combined. It belongs to the Higher Council of Sports – Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

At C.A.R. the focus is on training. From the athlete-friendly food offered in the restaurant to the quietness needed for recovery and sleep. Here you train with and like professional athletes from various sports.

The mountainous scenery is truly breathtaking and inspiring and caters for great cycling experiences. The sports complex features almost everything else needed for training and recovery. A 400m running track that can also be used for cycling, a 50m pool, indoor athletic track, several gyms, turbo trainers and courts for team sports. Furthermore, C.A.R. offers on-site medical assistance, test labs, a sauna area with recovery baths and even a DIY laundry service.

This training camp location is not for the faint-hearted but if you ever wondered how it would be to live and train like a pro athlete this is your chance. (photos courtesy of C.A.R. Sierra Nevada)

Training camp highlights could include:

Our support van or car can be accompanying you on the rides. In case of mechanical (or other) breakdowns, solutions are always at hand. Fancy only riding the descents one day? No problem, we have you covered with our team car!

At an altitude of 2320m, the hotel and sports facilities offer a unique opportunity to experience the advantages and challenges of altitude training. We only recommend this camp to more advanced groups of triathletes and advice to add a few days to your training camp for acclimatisation to the altitude.

The Sun Tri Sports Team

Practical Information

Nearest airport is Granada Airport at 40 km. Find your flight connections to Granada here.  Alternative airports are Málaga Airport with many international connections (distance 180 km) and Almería Airport at 200 km.

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