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Since 2012, Sun Tri Sports has been organising customised training camps in the sports of athletics, swimming & open water swimming, triathlon, cycling, running and trail running. We offer training camps at various locations in Spain, Portugal and France. We have organised bespoke camps for both amateur clubs and professional teams. All Sun Tri Sports team members are true athletes themselves and know what it takes to organise a great training camp!

Our team will help you to design your bespoke training camp; whether it’s a fortnight’s training camp for a professional team or a sporty weekend with your friends or club. You can bring your own coach(es) who organise(s) all training sessions while our camp coordinators take care of all logistics around the camp. Alternatively, our certified and professional coaches and camp coordinators plan your complete training camp and find the best suitable location, facilities, routes, tracks or swim locations adapted to the team’s goals and wishes.
We plan your training camp according to your preferred travel dates. We do not only organise camps during specific dates or between certain days of the week but we adapt to you. Find the most economical flight itinerary for you or your team and we plan the training camp around these travel dates and times.
Our team consists of athletes and coaches that truly know their sports and are active themselves. Most have a long background in sports, combined with coaching or personal trainer certifications. Our athletic level range from happy amateurs to ex-professionals.
By being on-site and speaking many languages, our camp coordinators will efficiently assist you with e.g. schedule changes, training materials needs, dealing with emergencies, organise team activities or anything else that pops up. You can focus on training while we take care of everything else to provide you with a professional and effective training camp or sporty weekend.We are a licensed travel agency and have all necessary liability insurances to make sure you are in safe hands.
Our training camps for teams, clubs or groups can be booked all year round and with any specific goal in mind. Goals could be, for instance: base training, race preparation, tapering in the sun, altitude training, women-only camps or simply an active holiday. You can focus on a single sport or any combination of the sports that we offer. We help to find the best suitable location, considering your team’s needs, wishes, level of athletes, flight opportunities and hotel availability. We have had the pleasure to organise training camps for professional teams, amateur clubs and for groups of sporty friends!
We cooperate with coaches in various sports in organising training camps for their athletes. Together we define the best possible camp in terms of budget, location and training facilities and take care of all the organisation around the camp. Our local expertise, network and on-site camp coordinators guarantee a successful training camp. Often the Sun Tri Sports coaches assist in the training sessions, so different groups/levels can train simultaneously. This allows for a broader scope of possible participants and with that, lower cost per participant.
For smaller groups (2-5 persons) and shorter visits we offer training camps and clinics in locations like Marbella and Málaga. Our coaches design those camps to perfectly suit your needs, whether the focus is on one or several sports. Often, we work a bit more on technique as clinics are particularly suited to improve and fine-tune one’s technique. Swim stroke filming and running analysis are often part of these camps. You can book your own accommodation, or we can include hotels or apartments in our offering.
For individuals or couples, we recommend our private coaching sessions. We are coaching athletes of all ages and abilities and can address your specific training goals. We offer a broad range of training services ranging from fitness and endurance tests to highly-rated coaching sessions to improve running or cycling technique or to get more confident with open water swimming. For more information about how we can help you to become a better athlete, please see our coaching products or feel free to contact us. We would gladly help to find the best option for you.

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