Private coaching

In and around Marbella

One-on-one training

Our private coaching service in and around Marbella has grown out of the interest of friends, individuals and groups that wanted to experience an active or training holiday and enjoy the Andalusian all-year-round great climate and stunning nature. Started as Sun Tri Marbella in 2012, we now offer personal training sessions in the sports we know best. Besides athletics, these sports are cycling, (trail) runningpool and open water swimming and of course triathlon.

We put a lot of pride into making sure that your private coaching sessions with Sun Tri Sports will be safe, fun and make you a better athlete. Read our Training Tips about our thoughts on training and racing. We are not just tour-guides or “weekend-certified PT’s”; all our coaches have extensive sports backgrounds and sports educations as well as up-to-date first aid certifications. And with our local knowledge, we will be able to show you and train on the most amazing trails, roads or other training locations.

Although most of our coaches are based in and around Marbella, we also offer private coaching in Málaga, Estepona, San Pedro, Benahavís, Benalmadena, Mijas, Torremolinos and Fuengirola. We are proudly coaching and training men and women, of all ages, from beginners to world championship qualifiers.
To complement our training and coaching services we can help you prevent injuries or recover from your injuries faster. Technique and posture analysis and improvements, sports massage and trigger point therapy all help you to keep doing what you love doing. Fewer injuries and more training!
Swim technique analysis

Technique analysis

Assessments of your running, cycling, and swimming technique often with the help of video analysis tools. We suggest ways and training drills to help you improve your form, reduce the risk for injury and to achieve faster times more quickly.
Athlete finishing a race

Preparing & peaking

The Andalusian climate is perfect for preparing and peaking for your race. Based on your training background and current training plan, we train with you to make sure you get the best result on race day.
Cyclists posing on a bike tour with Sun Tri Sports

Training together

Giving guidance, company and needed motivation for those longer training sessions. We know all the best routes for road cycling, amazing running trails and places to do open water swimming.
Flexibility testing

Sports tests

Analysis of your strength, stability and flexibility and technique with video analysis tools. We suggest ways and training drills to help you improve your form, reduce the risk for injury and get towards faster times quicker.
Ironman 70.3 Marbella logo

Recon Marbella IM 70.3

Together we ride the bike course of the half Ironman Marbella, give insights and tips on how to tackle the ride and preserve energy. We can also practice the swim distance and run on the official running route of the race.
Graph showing athletes fitness level over time
Based on your past training experience, injury records and current life situation, we design the most effective monthly training program to improve your fitness, strength & endurance and to meet your training goals.
graph showing training heartrate zones
Establish your heart rate and pacing zones for running and/or your heart rate and power zones for cycling in order to train at the most appropriate intensities and avoid junk miles on the bike or run.
Cyclist on Cervelo bike

Brick training

Whether swim-bike or bike-run sessions, we know the best places to do your brick sessions. We help you to improve transitions and make sure you get the most efficient triathlon training on the Costa del Sol.

Cyclist doing an FTP test

Endurance tests

Tests like VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Functional Threshold Power to identify your baseline, training zones and to identify possible weaknesses and improvement opportunities.
Posture analysis

Posture analysis

Assessment of your posture. Posture is often overlooked by athletes and is a potential cause for injuries. We suggest you corrective exercises and stretching to improve posture and avoid future problems.
Massage therapist treating trigger points

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point massage releases constricted areas, so-called knots, in the muscles. Receiving trigger point treatments helps to avoid injuries and manages pain and stress from chronic injuries.
Massage therapist working on a tight calf

Sports massage

Sports massage helps to correct problems and imbalances that are caused by trauma or repetitive and strenuous physical activity like endurance training by loosening tight muscles and releasing tension and stiffness.

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