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Personalised online triathlon, cycling & running coaching

Based on your past training experience, current fitness level, work-life-family situation and training goals, we design effective training programs to help you reach your goals. All our coaches are experienced and certified.

Our philosophy is based on “improvement by consistent training”. We focus foremost on injury prevention to allow you to continue training and to make gains towards your goals. Therefore, we incorporate different aspects of training in your program (e.g. yoga, stretching, balance exercises, strength training) and we increase training volume gently. Read more about our training and coaching philosophy on our blog.

The online coaching programs are made weekly and are always tailor-made with regards to your latest training results. These regular reviews allow us to keep your long-term goals in mind and at the same time, make sure your training load and variety are adjusted appropriately. We use TrainingPeaks to plan and follow your training.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with tools, knowledge and motivation to adopt training into a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Online Triathlon Coaching with Sun Tri Sports

Our coaching philosophy

Training together

The majority of athletes that we coach are training for long and middle-distance triathlon (Ironman and Ironman 70.3) or for longer cycling and running events. We coach athletes of all ages and levels. Typically our athletes are relatively new to the sports or want to come back to a more active life after years of having had to prioritise other matters.

Doing online coaching for athletes in different countries, we regularly organise group rides on Zwift. Often these are longer rides which we make more enjoyable with voice chat and a lot of banter. Other highlights are our yearly traditions to ride “The Tour of Sufferlandria” and “The Zwift Academy” together.

For those living on the Costa del Sol, we also organise training in and around Marbella. These can be coached sessions working on refining technique or relaxed group training sessions in which we share our training experiences.

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