Triathlon Training


Our Training & Coaching Philosophy

At Sun Tri Sports, we believe in a holistic approach to training. For continuous progress and great race results, more is needed than just hours on the bike, in the pool or out on the track. With a variety of training, a sense of accomplishment (we will push you out of your comfort zones) and visible progress, you will become stronger, fitter and eager for your next race.

Triathlon Training for Kids

There is a need to differentiate between (triathlon) training for adults and (triathlon) training for children. They have different processes of adaptation to the different sports qualities: speed, strength, endurance, coordination and agility. For children it depends on: physiological age, mental age, hormonal maturation and sex. Also, physical and mental developments are not always in sync. It is the responsibility of the sports educator to take into account these differences for the correct progression of the child's training.

Is It All About Speed?

There are probably as many reasons why people start running or doing triathlon as there are people. They have in common that sooner or later they want to see results, whether it is just getting fit, finish their first race or set a new personal best. Well prepared or not, after finishing a race, the question often is “what´s next?”. The common answer is very familiair for most of us.

10 Tips for the Busy Triathlete

For many, being a professional triathlete seems like the ultimate job; enough time to train and focus on triathlon, while getting paid to do the thing you love most. However, the reality is different. Not all pros make a decent living and many worry about paying bills in between training. Most age-groupers, on the other hand, worry about their training in between earning a living.