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Sports nutrition and supplements

The key values of Sun Tri Sports are customisation, high quality and great customer service. We have also found these values at Strong Supplies and are therefore very happy to have partnered up. It enables us to provide our teams and athletes with sports nutrition and supplements that we trust and use ourselves.

Strong Supplies products are backed up by science, only contain the best ingredients and are guaranteed free from banned substances. Strong Supplies also offers smart, tailor-made supplement programs adapted to your individual needs.

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Test sports nutrition before your training camp

Teams and clubs that book a training camp with Sun Tri Sports will receive a test package, free of charge, prior to arrival to test Strong Supplies’ energy gels, isotonic energy drinks and recovery shakes. For our individually coached athletes, we also offer a test package. During training camps and coaching, teams and athletes will be able to purchase sports nutrition directly from Sun Tri Sports.

Sun Tri Sports discount

All clients of Sun Tri Sports are eligible to a 10% discount on personalised supplement programs. You will find more information on the Strong Supplies website. Use the special code STS10 during check out to receive your discount.

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