Meet the Sun Tri Sports team

The Sun Tri Sports team consists of athletes with a variety of sport backgrounds which together span the total need for professional training camp organisation and coaching in triathlon, its related single-sports and athletics. Most team members and all of our coaches have sports education degrees and certifications. We are all practising sports as much as we can and we range from enthusiastic age-groupers to fanatic ex-pros.

Since 2012, we have organised hundreds of camps, ranging from 1 to 60 persons and coached many athletes. This puts us among the leading incoming agencies when it comes to top class, customised training camps in Spain and Portugal ranging from great value and more economical packages to high-end products for professional teams.

With our sports backgrounds, we understand the needs of sportsmen inside out and we always strive to find the most suitable training camp or coaching program just for you or your team. We only offer training camps locations and facilities where we know training conditions will be of high quality.

Peter from Sun Tri Sports

Peter Vriesman

Managing Director & Coach

Peter has a running, cycling and football background and has been in sports his whole life. He is a licensed personal trainer and assists our teams and athletes with his extensive endurance training knowledge and passion for training results. He loves running on trails and riding up the toughest mountains. Peter is a native Dutch speaker and also talks English, Swedish, German and French.
Sandrine from Sun Tri Sports

Sandrine Vriesman

Operations Director

Sandrine assists you in finding the destination and training camp package that best fits your aspirations and needs. She’s got that attention to details and hardly anything falls between the chairs when she’s planning and coordinating your camp. Sandrine loves running, cycling, triathlon and yoga. She is a native French speaker and fluent in English, Swedish, German and Spanish.
Andrea from Sun Tri Sports

Andrea Aiello

Coach & Massage Therapist

Andrea has been involved in sports since a very young age, starting with athletics on the 400, 800 and 1500 meters. He has been a member of the Italian Airforce Academy Athletics and Swimming teams. Since 1997 he has been doing triathlons, including Ironman. His goal is to qualify for Kona. Andrea and is certified personal trainer, Ironman certified coach and speaks Italian, English and Swedish.
Fernando from Sun tri Sports

Fernando Quevedo

Cycling Product Manager

Fernando is a former professional cyclist with an impressive career including racing in grand tours like the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España. Fernando was also one of the driving forces behind the Labarca2-Café Baque professional cycling team. He is Sun Tri Sports’ cycling expert, oversees all our cycling products and is our “Directeur Sportif” at the races of Club Deportivo Sun Tri Sports.
Maria from Sun Tri Sports

Maria Michelson


Maria is an experienced and licensed group trainer/instructor and certified Personal Trainer. She has a degree in recreation management, specialising in health & sports and has been working as a fitness coach, including her Beach-Fit classes for many years. Being passionate about training and running, she runs competitively in distances up to the marathon. Maria speaks English, Spanish and Estonian.
Pablo from Sun Tri Sports

Pablo Vazquez


Pablo is a Level III National Triathlon Coach and certified swim instructor. He has a BSc in Physical Education and is head coach for Club Deportivo Sun Tri Sports. Pablo loves training and coaching the youngest athletes from age six onwards. Competing in running, swimming and triathlon (up to Ironman distance) and even practicing and teaching yoga, Pablo is a true all-round coach.

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